Inditex teams up with Apple, Accenture, Boeing, IBM and Pepsico to combat the climate crisis.

Inditex will work with Apple, Accenture, Boeing, IBM and Pepsico, among other companies, to collaborate in solving the climate crisis, after joining the group of founding companies of the MIT Climate and Sustainability Consortium (MCSC), launched with the aim of accelerating the development of large-scale solutions to combat climate change.

This initiative brings together leading multinationals in different industries to work together with academic research teams from MIT with the common goal of sharing processes and strategies for multi-sector environmental innovation.

The Chairman of Inditex, Pablo Isla, has stressed in relation to this research that society needs to «develop strong cross-sectoral links and collaborations between companies, academics and scientists to achieve effective changes towards the circular economy».

«I cannot find a better platform than the MCSC in this regard, as it brings together the ideal conditions to promote global solutions that make a difference,» he added.

Under the coordination of the MIT School of Engineering and with the collaboration of researchers and students from all areas of the academic centre, the MCSC’s multi-sectoral team begins its journey with the following objectives: to reduce the barriers and costs of access to the best available environmental technologies and processes, accelerate the retirement of carbon-intensive energy generation equipment, encourage more efficient direct investment and help move industrial best practices to new sectors at a faster pace than the planet’s climate crisis is advancing.

In addition to the collaboration with MIT, Inditex currently participates in research projects linked to sustainability and business management with academic centres such as the Tsinghua University School, or the universities of A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas and Politécnica de Cataluña, among others.

Source: Expansión.